Kriegsmarine Sailors Cap (Matrosenmütze) with Two Covers

Kriegsmarine Sailors Cap (Matrosenmütze) with Two Covers

Code: 56536


Without doubt the finest example of a Kriegsmarine Matrosenmütze (Sailor’s Cap) I have ever come across this example complete with its white cover marked to the Marine Bekleidungsmagazin (Marine clothing Stores) at Lorient, a U-Boat base.

Constructed in a dark blue wool blended fabric, with a tally ribbon constructed of black rayon wrapped and tied around the edge of the cap, inscribed “Kriegsmarine” in gold-coloured threading and held in place by black vertical strands of twisted cord, one on either side, and two in the rear.

The tally is folded over at the back of the cap, leaving the two ends of the tally free to hang.

At the front is a standard Kriegsmarine cap eagle with prongs constructed of gilded zinc, along with a metal tri-colour cockade directly below.

The interior of the cap is lined in black rayon blended fabric on all sides, with a brown leather sweatband, the underside stamped to the maker, Apolka & Muller, Hamburg. Above the sweatband is a celluloid stiffener keeping the hat band in place. At the front a vertical cloth covered stiffener raises the front of the cap and carries the size stamp 59.   

The blue cover is removable to allow the fitting of the white summer cotton cover also appropriately marked 59.

Both the cap and white cover are in excellent condition, free from moth or other damage and would be described as some as being in mint condition. I believe it would be impossible to upgrade this Matrosenmütze.