Kriegsmarine U Boat Sailor's Badge with Traditions Badge

Kriegsmarine U Boat Sailor's Badge with Traditions Badge

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Once in my own collection and originally acquired from former Royal Navy Seaman John Lindop, this is the only U-Boat Kriegsmarine Sailor’s Cap I had ever owned accompanied by a letter of Provenance from the man who obtained it in 1945.

In his letter, which accompanies the Cap, Mr Lindop describes how he acquired it in early 1945 whilst his ship the HMFDT (His Majesty’s Fighter Direction Tender) 13 was undergoing a refit at the London Graving Dock. Word got out that a sailor on a Destroyer moored alongside was selling souvenirs and the Cap then came into John Lindop’s possession where it remained until I purchased it in 2017.

The Cap is a 1943 dated textbook example, the Trident Traditions badge stitched to the Kriegsmarine ribbon on the left side. At least four U-Boats used this badge and as Lindop says in his letter, he had no idea which boat it came from, particularly so that it seems likely these caps would have been left at their home port given the lack of space on the boats. Overall condition is very good the detachable top and hat band free from moth or other damage, the band reinforced with celluloid. The Kriegsmarine ribbon is full length, the script somewhat toned, the pin back eagle and Swastika and rosette of the one piece variety.

As an aside, Lindop himself is interesting and perhaps saw action on D Day given the ship he served on.      

Three Landing Ship Tanks (LST) were converted into sea-based interception stations for air command, control, coordination and communications for the Operation Neptune landing and beachhead breakout operation. FDT 216 was assigned to defence of Utah and Omaha Beach, FDT 217 to Gold, Juno and Sword Beaches, and FDT 13 defended the shipping routes back to England. Each were fitted with AMES Type 11 and Type 15 radars. A copy photograph of FDT 13 was provided by John Lindop and is included.

A rare Cap with absolute provenance and, as with everything I sell, guaranteed absolutely original and as described.