Kriegsmarine Zeiss Gas Mask Ocular Binoculars and Case

Kriegsmarine Zeiss Gas Mask Ocular Binoculars and Case

Code: 56506


An absolutely superb pair of Kriegsmarine Zeiss 7x50 Binoculars with the so-called Gas Mask oculars, complete with the original case and four ocular filters.

The Binoculars themselves are in near excellent condition. The lenses are perfect giving crystal clear viewing and of course free from damage. The rubber eyecups are excellent, and I actually believe they may be original pieces rather than replacements, but it is difficult to tell. Movement of the eyepieces up and down to give the correct ocular relief is stiff but again without damage. The original neck strap is in place.

The Rauhlach exterior coating is perfect and without loss.

The shoulder plates have the original painted finish, the right plate stamped 7x50, 33919 and blc. appropriate to a batch of 2550 produced in 1943.

In keeping with the overall condition of the Binoculars themselves the water resistant case is completely without damage, complete with the original shoulder strap and filters and with the Kriegsmarine property mark double stamped at the front.

It would impossible to upgrade this piece.