Kripo Warrant Disc with Extremely Rare Medal Bar

Kripo Warrant Disc with Extremely Rare Medal Bar

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A quite exceptional and extremely rare Kripo 8 ribbon Medal bar and Warrant Disc both obtained from the same family household in Germany and relating to the same man.

Measuring approximately 3.5cm x 5cm x 2mm and weighing 29.47 grams the oval shaped Disc is constructed in a die struck non magnetic bronze alloy. The obverse shows an Eagle with outstretched wings clutching a wreathed Swastika, the reverse with Staatliche Kriminalpolizei (State Criminal Police) also in relief below which is the punched officer’s number 3274.

Normally worn on a chain the Disc is in Extra Fine condition.

Of particular importance however is the extremely rare Medal Bar. As well as the Polizei 8-Year and the 8-Year SS service medals the Bar has ribbons for the WW1 Iron Cross 2nd class with 1939 bar, War Merit Cross with Swords, Romanian Order of the Crown in Peacetime, Honour Cross with Swords, Decoration of the Silesian Eagle 2nd Class and the Hungarian War Commemorative Medal with Swords.

Condition the Bar and Ribbons is very good, the Bar though missing its pin.