Late War Luftwaffe Officer's peaked or Visor Cap

Late War Luftwaffe Officer's peaked or Visor Cap

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A very nice example of a late war Luftwaffe Officer’s Peaked or Visor Cap.

Constructed in typical late war high grade wool mix with mohair hat band, the cloth is completely without moth or other damage.

The officer piping dividing the various element of the cap is again typical of the period being a subdued aluminium wire. As with the cloth, the hat band is without damage.

Both eagle and cockade are hand embroidered silver wire and both show a slight mis alignment in my view typical of the period, the officer perhaps left to apply the insignia himself. The chin cord is in place and sits on the vulkanfibre peak or visor which in this case has a beige underside rather than the regulation green suggesting this cap was made by J.C Kornacker of Hildesheim-Hannover who were well known for this variation.

Inside, the cap sides are lined with a pleated rayon, the top with a matching rayon. The sweat shield is in place beneath which is the “Extra Klasse” generic eagle and an the “Marke Standard” (standard brand) logo. The original owner's name OZM Fuchs is in the slip and I believe this stands for Oberzahlmeister ( Chief Purser). The sweatband is again typical of the period being of compressed paper with a number of tears. Beneath the sweatband are 1944 dated strips of newspaper from the Berliner Zeitung.

A lovely example in approximately a size 56 cms.