Late War RAF Irvin jacket. 38

Late War RAF Irvin jacket. 38" Chest

Code: 55859


A very good and rather interesting RAF Irvin Jacket, correctly termed Jackets Thermally Insulated. This is one of the later produced Jackets utilizing the pelts from the Irvin Trousers which were no longer issued later in the war, resulting in multiple panels with the wind flat showing the stitch holes from it’s previous life.

Overall condition is very good, with no repairs or damage the only defect to the stitching being at the very tip of the waist belt. The leather remains soft and supple and has clearly been treated with a sympathetic hide food over the years. Fortunately, this has not been the dreaded Pecards but I suspect Connelly hide food. There is no elastic strap under the collar nor has one ever been fitted.

The main zip is perfect, the runner a Lightning with the leather pull in place. Both sleeve zips are also perfect, the runners both AM marked, one by NB Ltd, the other simply marked N. again a clear indication of recycled parts but all original to the Jacket. One leather tab is missing.

There is no wear to the fur at the lower edge of the Jacket or the right sleeve, the left sleeve with just a very small amount of wear at one point.

Inside, the fur is faultless but of differing colours and density. There is a leather hanger riveted in place but perhaps the most interesting aspect is the label. I remember discussion in the late 70s amongst the then few collectors, when it was determined these were clearly taken from something else just to put some sort of label into these jackets. The stores reference is 22a/846 but what 22a is I have no idea. In pencil is the addition 22c/319, appropriate for a size 3 Irvin. It was decided that although the measurements on the label do not apply, the size number was enough for the stores to work with. Repeated twice on the label is the name, Shippey.

Size. The Jacket is photographed on a 39” bust with room to spare so I believe the Jacket would fit a lightly clothed 38” chest.  Armpit to cuff, 18”, shoulder to cuff 23”, neck seam to lower edge, 24”. I do not however guarantee sizes.