Leitz 7x50 Kriegsmarine Binoculars

Leitz 7x50 Kriegsmarine Binoculars

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A cosmetically very good pair of Kriegsmarine Leitz 7x50 Rubber Armoured Binoculars.

Used aboard all vessels of the Kriegsmarine these have excellent original rubber armour, the cuts to the right prism armour intended to allow the neck strap to be passed through it when used on either side.

Each prism cover features a desiccator cartridge to absorb moisture.

The Raulach finish to the body of the glasses shows some loss, entirely commensurate with service use. The neck strap is original but this a break in it.

Optically, the left ocular and objectives are clear and without damage, whilst on the right side the lenses are cloudy and most importantly have a chip the prism lens. When cleaned this should not affect viewing but is worthy of consideration.