Luftwaffe Afrika Korps Breeches 1941

Luftwaffe Afrika Korps Breeches 1941

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A somewhat enigmatic pair of Luftwaffe breeches, dated 1941 and constructed in a Khaki cotton material.

At first glance they appear to be breeches with knee patches and lower leg sections in a different coloured cotton material intended to be worn inside the high lace up boots worn by the Afrika Korps. My confusion was that the four button fly closure, straight slash side pockets and double flapped back pockets are not synonymous with Afrika Korps Breeches, but they are with shorts, and I believe that is the answer.

These most likely started life as shorts and were theatre altered to breeches on their arrival in North Africa to supply a source of a needed pattern of clothing. The quality of the alteration is very professional, and I am in absolutely no doubt, period done.

Overall condition is very good. The four fly and two waist closure buttons are in place as is the often missing belt with friction buckle. Both hidden buttons for the back pocket flaps are however missing.