Luftwaffe Cockpit Clock by Junghans

Luftwaffe Cockpit Clock by Junghans

Code: 56299


Without doubt the finest example of a Luftwaffe Junghans Borduhr Cockpit Clock, BO-UK-1, Fl 23885 I have ever encountered.

Used on numerous Luftwaffe aircraft types, this is the second version of the type and dates from 1940 -41, prior to the deletion of the data plate on later examples. It features the plunger on the right side of the winding crown which frees the hands for time setting. The rotating bezel is of brass.

The Clock runs perfectly as do all functions such as the stop watch and secondary time of flight display. Time keeping is very good.

Cosmetically it is perfect. The original factory blue grey finish is without scratches or loss, the glass again free from scratches. The black dial is without blemishes, the luminous paint to the Roman numerals and hands completely intact.

The data plate shows the Werk Nr. 52520, the J30 BZ movement with the serial number 46814. Alongside the data plate is a good clear BAL stamp.

Originally obtained I am told from the widow of a Luftwaffe ground engineer I believe it would be impossible to upgrade this superb example.

The last image shows one of these clocks in situ on a JU87 instrument panel.