Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse - Flying Branch

Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse - Flying Branch

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A good displayable late war produced Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse to a Gefreiter, Flying Technical Personnel.

Constructed in the standard blue grey wool / rayon mix the blouse shows light use only but close inspection reveals three large but almost unnoticeable repairs, expertly executed.

Just below the shoulder on the right sleeve is a horizontal cut of about 5cms, carefully hand sewn. On the back is another more significant repair running horizontally right to left 5cms and anther reversed L shape repair about 5cms x 5cms with a small cloth insert. I have tried to show these in the pictures.

The Blouse is closed by four large plastic buttons, a fifth allowing the lay flat to be closed and secured with a hook and eye. There are two slanting flapped pocket each closed by a single grey pebbled button by Maedicke, matching those on the shoulder straps. Each inside flap is marked 2429.

On the right breast is a nicely machine applied  eagle and Swastika while on the left breast is a three ribbon medal bar. On each collar are the yellow collar tabs of the flying branch showing the rank and clear evidence of the additional gulls reflecting a promotion. On each shoulder are the removable rank straps pipped with the yellow waffenfarbe. On the left arm is the single chevron of a Gefreiter whist below that is the trade insignia of a flying technical personnel. Both belt support hooks are in place

Inside, the lining is the later rayon material with two pockets and a dressings pocket with stitch repairs along the lower edge size. Stores markings remain with what is possibly a 1944 date.

Despite the repairs which may well have been period done, a nice Fiegerbluse free from moth.