Luftwaffe Flying Helmet LKp s 101

Luftwaffe Flying Helmet LKp s 101

Code: 55967


A good lightly service used example of the Luftwaffe LKp S 101 Flying Helmet.

Introduced to replace the S 100, the 101 was in service in time for the Battle of Britain and is seen in numerous pictures of that time.

Constructed in the identical “Salt and Pepper” cotton cloth as the previously listed Sommerfliegerkombi , the Helmet is in overall very good condition, without damage. Of note however are the metal external fittings which show surface rust.

The leather receiver covers  are in very good condition as are the rear straps for the goggles. The rubber covered communications cord is without breaks with the connector plug in place. Also in place are the throat microphones with neck strap, as is the dual part chin strap.

Inside, the rayon lining is without damage as are the sheepskin ear protectors and Perspex receiver covers, the receivers themselves visible beneath them.

Of importance is the original Siemens label which clearly pre dates the Hemet to the introduction of the three letter manufacture’s coding in 1941. Although there is no size visible on the label, I estimate it be at least a size 57.