Luftwaffe General's Command Car Pennant. Channel Islands Interest

Luftwaffe General's Command Car Pennant. Channel Islands Interest

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An exceptionally nice example of a rare Luftwaffe Commanding General and Commanding General of an Air District’s, Car Pennant.

When acquired by the previous owner a piece of paper was tucked inside which read, ”Pennant removed from Gerlach’s car in Leipzig. 9 May 1945”. That piece of paper is now lost.

A Gold Cross winner, Generalmajor Adolf Gerlach was an Unteroffizer in 1914 and remained in uniform in numerous services including the Police until joining the Luftwaffe in 1935 with the staff of Flak-Battalion Ludwigsburg. He then assumed various positions and in 1941 became Commander of Flak- Brigade Channel Islands which was later renamed Flak-Brigade X11. For me this is the most interesting part of his career although I doubt he ever visited the Islands.

He remained in captivity until May 1947 and died in 1953.

The Pennant measures approximately 39cms x 23 1/2cms and is double sided and of a cotton multi panel construction with a second pattern Luftwaffe eagle in a gold bullion thread with black features applied.   

Open at one end the wire frame has been removed, so typical of a souvenired item taken home folded for ease of carriage.

A lovely item in very good condition.

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