Luftwaffe Glider Pilot Badge

Luftwaffe Glider Pilot Badge

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A very good example of the Luftwaffe Glider Pilot’s Badge (Segelflugzeugführerabzeichen), considered to be one of the rarer Badges of the Luftwaffe.

This non maker marked piece is distinguished by it’s ball hinge to the pin which it is believed attributes it to the maker Adolf Scholze.

Constructed in zinc in two parts with the eagle at centre attached to the oak leaf wreath by two flat head tombac rivets, the entire badge is in very good condition with the silver wash to the wreath now absorbed into the zinc, the detail to the badge crisp and showing no signs of wear.

The reverse features a crimped and soldered on ball hinge a crimped and soldered on round wire catch with steel round wire pin.

The Badge was issued to soldiers of the Luftwaffe on completion of their glider training.

Weight 22.68 grams.

A rare award.