Luftwaffe Leather Flying Breeches

Luftwaffe Leather Flying Breeches

Code: 56717


A very nice pair of Luftwaffe private purchase Leather Breeches tailored in a brown hide.

The leather is in very good condition, supple and free from damage with all stitching appearing strong.

At the waist are two pockets both closed by a diagonally position zip with an Elite runner. The fly is closed by a zip which is at fault while a flap closes across the waist with a long Trix zipp.

Around the waistband are 5 metal buttons for braces with  another 5 on the inside, a sixth missing. Inside, the Breeches are lined in a brown brushed cotton.

There is one back pocket with a horizontal zip and two adjustment straps with friction buckles.

Finally, each leg is closed at the thigh by a single zip.

Overall condition is very good the notable exception being the zips which have clearly remained unused for a very long time. The main zip is a little stiff whilst all others with the exception of the fly appear undamaged but require work with a small amount of dry candle wax to free them off.