Luftwaffe LKp W101 Flying Helmet

Luftwaffe LKp W101 Flying Helmet

Code: 55959


A very nice example of a Luftwaffe LKpW101 Winter Flying Helmet.

Constructed in dark brown chromed leather the Helmet is complete with its throat microphones, receivers and lead.

Externally the helmet is very good with no signs of damage and with the leather showing no real signs of use. Both chinstraps and buckles are in place as are the three oxygen mask hooks, goggle straps and side adjustment straps. The throat microphones are undamaged as is the strap, buckles and lead. The lead has no splits or cracks and the connector plug is in place.

Inside, the sheepskin lining is clean and intact with the seam at the top on one ear surround now unglued. Both receivers are present with their covers, the left cover cracked.

The manufacturer’s label is clear and shows a size 54 but was photographed on a size 55 display head.