Luftwaffe Model L Kp N 101 (Netzkopfhaube) Summer Flying Helmet

Luftwaffe Model L Kp N 101 (Netzkopfhaube) Summer Flying Helmet

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The L Kp N 101 Netzkopfhaube net or mesh flying helmet was one of the most popular Luftwaffe flying helmets of the war. Designed for comfort, it was manufactured  without a chin strap, relying on the straps of the oxygen mask to secure the Helmet in place

It features fleece lined earphones which are housed in hemi-spherical domes, containing radio receivers, each earphone with overlaying plastic covers, one of which is missing in this case, with the exterior of the earphones covered in a thick tan leather designed to hold the goggles securely in place.

Each of the leather earphone covers have raised aluminium posts flanked by eyelets towards the front for vertical adjust ment, a vertical leather strap with press fastner closures towards the rear and a clip at the bottom to accept the straps of the oxygen mask.

The crown itself is encased in a dark brown, lightweight cotton mesh cap with only three small holes visible in the mesh. The top of the mesh cap has an elongated cloth patch housing an adjustable cloth strap and hook to accommodate the vertical strap of the oxygen mask.

Inside the manufacture’s label is clear and although the size is not discernible, it is a large Helmet.

At the back of the Helmet the connector lead and plug are in place, the cable with breaks in the rubber trunking revealing the wire. The Larynx microphones and strap are present, but the interior caps of the microphones are missing.