Luftwaffe NCO or Other Ranks Peaked or Visor Cap - Flying Branch

Luftwaffe NCO or Other Ranks Peaked or Visor Cap - Flying Branch

Code: 56574


An absolutely superb example of Luftwaffe NCO and other ranks Saddle form Peaked or Visor cap to the flying branch.

Constructed in a high quality ribbed wool upper divided top and bottom by the yellow waffenfarbe of the flying branch, below which sits the black mohair hatband again bordered by the yellow waffenfarbe, all completely free from moth or other damage.

Both eagle and winged cockade are in an aluminium or lightweight metal and retain their original and emblemised finish.

The leather chinstrap is as new and rests on the black vulkanfibre peak or visor with its green underside.

Inside, the cap is no less pleasing, the golden rayon lining perfect with its diamond shaped protector intact and the 1938 Carl Halfar details clear.

The sweatband , is completely without any signs of wear, the underside marked to   Fl.Gr. Goppe ( flugplatz Göppingen) also known as Fliegerhorst Göppingen  which is an airfield on the northern edge of Göppingen, Germany. Built in the early 1930’s and a Luftwaffe Fliegerhorstkommandantur and by autumn 1935 used mainly as an elementary flight training field during the war but also a base for reconnaissance units.

It would be quite impossible to upgrade this example which can perhaps justifiably referred to as being in mint condition.