Luftwaffe NCO Peaked / Visor Cap with Summer & Winter Covers

Luftwaffe NCO Peaked / Visor Cap with Summer & Winter Covers

Code: 56001


A beautiful and extremely rare example of a privately purchased Luftwaffe Enlisted Man’s / NCO Peaked Cap with two detachable tops.

This is only the second example I have seen allowing for use in summer and winter condition, most white topped caps having a removable top simply to allow for it to be washed.

Made by Hermann Krause, the Cap is undated but certain features indicate it is of pre 1938 construction. The peak or visor is black leather with a black underside, a 1936 order dictating a green underside. The white cotton top is a diagonal pattern drill which was changed in 1937 and the eagles are the second pattern introduced around the same time.

Overall condition is near excellent with the exception of the sweatband which shows wear, the white cotton top is without damage, the wire band and sweat shield removed to allow that jaunty look. The polished aluminium eagle is by E.SCH.L., the pins neatly folded.

The back mohair hatband is piped top and bottom with the yellow waffenfarbe of the flying branch and the winged cockade is again in aluminium with no loss to it’s original finish. Below the cockade sits the leather chinstrap.

Finally the winter cover is constructed in the officer grade ribbed Trikot wool, again piped with the yellow waffenfarbe, and a fine aluminium eagle. Inside, a stiffener supports the front along with a cloth prop marked 56.

There is absolutely no sign of moth or stains.