Luftwaffe Q66 M40 Camouflaged helmet

Luftwaffe Q66 M40 Camouflaged helmet

Code: 55846


An exceptionally nice example of what is perhaps best described as a Sud Camouflaged Quist M40 Helmet with the clear image of a Luftwaffe eagle decernible beneath the paint when tilted to the light, absolutely in keeping with helmets in this lot range

The Helmet is a large sized Q66 and whilst I have opted for a Southern European theatre Helmet, this pattern is just as likely to have seen service anywhere in Europe or indeed Russia in the summer months, the tan base colour occasionally interspersed with patches of green.

The shell is completely without damage the camouflage showing just the right amount of service wear.

Inside, the markings Q66 and 325 are clear, the leather tongues without damage and the original drawstring in place.

No stampings remain visible on the chinstrap.