Luftwaffe Soldbuch and POW Release Certificate to Fallschirmjager

Luftwaffe Soldbuch and POW Release Certificate to Fallschirmjager

Code: 56372


Requiring further research this collection comprises a Luftwaffe Soldbuch and 1947 dated release certificate belonging to Heinrich Auler who started his service in September 1939 and finished the war as a Fallschirmjager Pz. Grenadier with the Hermann Goring Division.

His service is extensive and quite difficult to unravel given the number of units and crossings out. As best I can establish, he starts with the maintenance and repair unit of KG54, has a spell with a flak Regiment before attending the bomber Observer School and joining KG1 becoming, it appears, a Flugzeugfuhrer (commander). Unlike the RAF, the aircraft commander in the Luftwaffe was often the observer as was the case in the RFC in WW1.

The inside cover of the Soldbuch retains Auler’s photograph with his promotion dates and ranks on page 1. Page 2 shows his date of birth and personal details whilst page 3 shows his service details from Sept. 39 to April 44 with page 4 listing his postings.

Further pages list his kit and weapons issue and hospital admissions (hardness of hearing). Page 17 lists his suitability for flying duties. He was awarded the Wound Badge in silver and the Eastern Front medal.

The Soldbuch appears complete with about one third of page 11/12 and one third of page 19/20 missing.

The Release certificate is multi folded with distress to the edges.