Luftwaffe Sommerfliegerkombi

Luftwaffe Sommerfliegerkombi

Code: 55966


One piece summer weight Luftwaffe 'Sommerfliegerkombi' constructed in the classic “Salt and Pepper” heavy cotton material.

Intended to be worn over the uniform this is the second version which featured the secondary escape device which allowed the flying suit to be opened quickly by pulling a single ring, releasing a cord which held the suit closed. More importantly the unpopular horizontal fly was repositioned to the conventional vertical arrangement.

The suit is closed by a horizontal zip approximately 63 cms in length. There are zips at the end of each sleeve, one on each side to allow access to the uniform underneath and one to each leg pocket. All zips are original to the suit, the zip pulls all have their leather tabs, the pulls themselves a mix of Rapid and Rheinnagel. The zips are undamaged but have clearly not been operated for a considerable time. I have applied dry beeswax to them and they operated well but are still stiff and will require a little time operating them to get them running well. The fly is still reluctant to move and I prefer to leave that for the next owner to tackle.

Beneath the collar is a leather strap which can threaded through a ring on the opposite side, then back on itself and secured by press fasteners. This allows the collar to be worn up.

Inside each cuff is a storm cuff and attached to the fabric of the emergency release device is the maker’s label, Karl Heisler, Berlin C2

Overall condition of the Sommerfliegerkombi is very good. There are no rips or damage and with just light service related marks which show well in the pictures.