Mit der OT Beim Westwall und Vormarsch. 1941 Publication

Mit der OT Beim Westwall und Vormarsch. 1941 Publication

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 Mit der OT Beim Westwall und Vormarsch (With OT at the Westwall and Advance) a 1941 published Full Colour Book Showing the Work of the OT in paintings by Ernst Vollbehr.

Hardcover book measuring 300mm x 210 mm, the book contains roughly 50 full page water colour paintings reproduced from those by Vollbehr showing construction sites along the Westwall, the huge fortification on the German/French border as well as repair work in occupied France including   scenes of the Dunkirk beaches.

The book was published by the Otto Elsner Verlag in Berlin and is in very good condition.

An official World War 1 military painter Vollbehr is asked to paint the Reichsparteitagen, the Olympic games and, commissioned by Fritz Todt himself, the Reichsautobahnen, the huge highway building project. His works are acquired by the NSDAP, showing his popularity in those days with the new regime. Despite the ban on new party members, Vollbehr joins the NSDAP in July 1933, which is approved by Hitler personally. He publishes several books of which this is the last one.