Mk11 British Helmet with Gas Cape Cover

Mk11 British Helmet with Gas Cape Cover

Code: 56008


A very appearing  British Mk11 Helmet with Gas cape helmet Cover

The cover is a little fragile although the damage seems really to have been caused by careless handling puncturing the fabric where it stretches free of the shell. This is not the sometimes seen cover with the neck protector associated with the fire service or wardens but appears to be more intended for use as a camouflage cover. From what I can make out the paint to the shell appears very good, but I have not of course removed the cover.

Inside, I can just make out BMB stamped in the brim, the liner tongues are quite soft with one or two splits and with some of the surface finish missing. Liner bands are dated 1941 and size 7 is visible underneath the crucifix pad. The chinstrap is broken.

A very nice and unusual Helmet.