Named Crimea War Medal

Named Crimea War Medal

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Instituted in December 1854, the Crimea Medal was to be issued to all who had fought in the Crimean War of 1854–56 against Russia. It is struck in solid silver with a separately attached ornate swivelling suspender.

As a general rule the medals were issued unnamed but could be named in a variety of methods, particularly by having the recipient details privately engraved to the edge , or by having them officially impressed.

The example here was issued to a W.T. Gribble of the Royal Artillery. The Royal Artillery was in action throughout the war and many will have fought in most of the major engagements. The fact that this individual did not receive any of the Bars to the medal and that his details are impressed suggest he may have been an early casualty,

It is said that there were more losses to illness and disease during the Crimean War than there were to enemy action!