NSKK Dagger by Richard Herder 1940

NSKK Dagger by Richard Herder 1940

Code: 56071


A very good example of a 1940 dated M33/36 NSKK dagger by Richard Herder.

The hardwood grip is in excellent condition, free from damage of any kind with the SA enamelled logo without chips and the nickel Eagle and Swastika nicely recessed into the grip. The fittings are nickel plated and retain all the original plating, the pommel nut appearing unturned. On the upper part of the grip sits a leather fitting with belt loop closed around the grip with a press fastener, the belt loop itself with a pebbled D ring with the leather stamped with the RZM mark and L/2/5/38

On the reverse, the blade carries the logo of Richard Herder above the RZM mark, M7/18 and 1940, the obverse with Alles Fur Deutshland. All etchings are clear with their original darkening. The Blade itself is in very good condition, free from damage of any kind and showing only draw marks.

The scabbard is no less pleasing, free from dents and with the black enamel paint showing light scratches only. The nickel plated mounts are very good, the ball tip with a dent to the underside.

Finally, the hanger is in very good condition, the underside of the clip with the Assmann mark, DRGM, RZM and M5/8

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