Original Door from a Stoewer Field Car Kfz 1 (Stoewer 40)

Original Door from a Stoewer Field Car Kfz 1 (Stoewer 40)

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An original Door for a Stoewer Field Car Kfz 1 (Stoewer 40)  purported to have been hanging on the wall of a bar in Tunisia in the 1970’s where a British tourist noticed it and managed to persuade the owner of the bar to part with it.

Although I was assured the paint work was original, I doubt that to be the case as traces of a white substance at various place around the frame seem to suggest filler under the paint. Nevertheless it makes a wonderful wall piece and an invaluable part for any Stoewer restoration project. I believe the doors are interchangeable. For fun, I have superimposed my door on the image of a restored Stoewer taken I believe at Beltring.

Overall condition is good with rust at places around the frame and with the both inside and outside door handles frozen.

Famous for it’s unique four wheel steering which gave it a very tight turning circle, Stoewer of Stettin (Now Szczecin, Poland) developed this light off-road, versatile 4x4 Field Car for the Wehrmacht from 1936 until 1940. Thereafter, until 1943, it was, due to operational problems with the 4x4 drive and the military's constant demand for more vehicles, also produced by both BMW in Eisenach as the BMW 325 and by Hanomag in Hanover a the Type 20 B as a conventional 4x2 drive. In total the trio produced 13.000 Field Cars. They saw service on all fronts until the end of hostilities.

The factory was subsequently dismantled and sent with all the equipment to the Soviet Union where it later produced a car very similar in appearance to the origi