Panzer Shooting Lanyard - 1st Grade

Panzer Shooting Lanyard - 1st Grade

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A very nice example of a 1st Grade (the lowest grade) Panzer Shooting Lanyard.

Constructed in thick, twisted, interwoven bright silver bullion braid backed with a strip of silver grey ribbed rayon, head of the lanyard with a die-stamped feinzink badge displaying the Wehrmacht eagle above a left-facing rising tank, framed by a wreath of oak leaves.

The original silver finish has now been absorbed into the zinc and close inspection shows that the top fixing prong of the badge is missing. It nevertheless remains firmly in place. The reverse of the Lanyard head is backed with a field grey cloth, hand stitched into place and showing a small area of moth damage.

Overall condition is very good with very slight marks to the top and bottom loops where they have rubbed on the tunic buttons.

Lanyards for armoured personnel were introduced on October 17, 1938.