Period Made Spanish Civil War Falangist Doll

Period Made Spanish Civil War Falangist Doll

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A charming Spanish Civil War period made Doll of a Falangist Soldier dressed in the new uniform brought in by Franco in 1937.

Whilst the head is in a hand painted plaster the body is perhaps linen stuffed and neatly sewn closed. His shirt is cotton, his breeches and beret felt. Free standing it is 265mm in height and in overall very good condition.

After Francisco Franco seized power on 19 April 1937, he united under his command the Falange with the Carlist Comunión Tradicionalista with the Unification Decree, forming the Falange Española Tradicionalista y de las JONS.

The new uniform consisted of the Carlist red beret and the Falangist blue shirt. While the Falange was increasingly integrated into the Nationalist military, it did manage to maintain its own identity; their uniforms and correspondence maintained their own Falangist insignia (Logo of the Falange Española de las JONS) seen on the left breast of the little doll.