Prussian Artillery Enlisted Man's Kugelhelme with Cover

Prussian Artillery Enlisted Man's Kugelhelme with Cover

Code: 55463


A particularly nice example of a Model 1915 Kugelhelme  (Ball Top Helmet) for troops or the Prussian Field Artillery complete with it’s scarce Cover.

The Helmet is in overall very good condition and would appear to pre date June 1915 when the ball Top was made detachable, this example being fixed to it’s circular base plate. The leather to the bowl, front peak (or visor) and tail are without notable damage, the front peak with minor bends at the edges only, caused by the metal trim.

The frontplate (wappen) displays the Prussian state eagle clutching a sceptre and crown over the King's motto, "Mit Gott Für Koenig und Vaterland" (With God for King and Country) below which sits the leather chinstrap with two buckles. At each side are the Cockades, one displaying the Prussian colours, the other the national colours.

All fittings are zinc plated sheet iron the rear fitting I believe missing its upper securing bolt and plate but remaining firmly fixed in place.

Inside, the leather liner is in very good condition but without its drawstring. No regimental or maker’s stamps remain visible.

The cotton Helmet Cover is a particularly interesting piece and appears to be an official conversion of a pre 1915 Cover. Crescent shaped openings have been added at both sides and reinforced inside with a leather patch. This allowed the chinstrap to be worn over the Cover. The five securing hooks remain in place and a 1916 depot stamp is evident. The ball top cover is not detachable. Overall condition is very good with just one cut of no more that 10mm in length.

A very nice Helmet with rare cotton cover.