RAF GQ Seat Type Parachute Harness and Pack

RAF GQ Seat Type Parachute Harness and Pack

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The perfect alternative for a WW2 RAF Pilot display is this 1950s/ 60s GQ Mk. 2 Seat Type parachute Assembly.

Of paramount importance are the anodised buckles to the harness, absolutely in keeping with the wartime harnesses. The quick release box is also of the earlier type making this an excellent display piece for a wartime mannequin

Intended for the use by pilots in conjunction with K Type dinghy pack all components are in very good undamaged condition.

The harness is nicely labelled GQ, Harness Type C Mk2 ref 15A/557 whilst the GQ back Pad is stamped with a crow’s foot and inspection stamps from 1963 to 1967. The D handle is in place but the original release wire which runs through the trunking to the pack is simply a piece of wire. None of this is visible when on display.

The Pack itself has two labels. The upper label is marked GQ Parachute Assembly, Seat Type Mk 2, 15A/556, the lower label Pack Type S Mk2 for nylon rigging lines, 15A/96. 4 of the bungees are in place and the Pack has been slightly padded for display purposes but there is no canopy or rigging lines. It will be sent empty. There are a number of inspection stamps from 1961 to perps 1967.

Finally, the correct seat cushion is in place but is without obvious stamps.

An excellent display piece and rare to find one without the giveaway black buckles.