RAF Irvin Trousers

RAF Irvin Trousers

Code: 55591


A particularly nice pair of RAF Thermally Insulated Flying Suit, Trousers, better known to all of us “Irvin Trousers”

Showing very little signs of use, if indeed any at all, they are completely free from damage of any kind.

The chrome leather remains soft and retains virtually all of the original colour. All stitching and seams remain secure and the press fasteners on both leg pockets and fly are in place.

Most importantly, both zips are original to the Trousers and  work perfectly, one closed buy a DOT pull with leather tab, the other marked “Globus”.

Inside, the fur is excellent and again shows no wear. Both braces retain a good degree of elasticity, and the Air Ministry label is clear but appears never to have had any printed details added. As a guide, the waist measures approximately 38”, the inside leg, 31”.