RAF Mk2A Bone Dome with Transit Case

RAF Mk2A Bone Dome with Transit Case

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I avoid using the word “mint” as by definition anything that has been touched by the human hand cannot be mint. Perhaps then the best way to describe this excellent RAF Mk2a Bone Dome, correctly termed “Helmet Protective Flying Mk2a” would be, “unissued and virtually as new.”

Complete with it’s blue Globetrotter type transit case and  helmet bag I believe it would be difficult to upgrade this superb example.

Manufactured in 1972 under the contract number 492/72 the Helmet is serial number H/2A/5004 in a good size Medium Broad, these details appearing on an RAF label attached to the helmet and on the Modification Record card in the lid of the case.

The shell is of course completely free from damage, the original factory white paint, pristine. Most unusually the plastic shield for the visor when retracted, is in place these being almost always missing or removed by order. The yellow weighted drop bar is marked, medium. The reflective tape again appears factory fitted. The tinted visor is without damage.

The edge trim at the opening of the Helmet is blue, as is the lining and gel filled ear capsules, the capsules with speakers and pigtail loom to the NATO plug. The cheek pads are  encased in beige leather as is the foam backed chin pad. The adjustable hooks for the oxygen mask are in place.

Finally, the Globetrotter Case shows light surface marks but is without damage although there is some slight degradation to the foam insert.