RAF Trousers Blue Grey, Aircrew. 1941 Size 0

RAF Trousers Blue Grey, Aircrew. 1941 Size 0

Code: 55871


Although a very small size there is a place for these ”Trousers, Blue Grey, Air Crews” in a collection if only by virtue of the excellent, unissued and undamaged condition. 

Made by Glanfield & Sons Ltd. The Trousers have a clear 1941 dated label showing Size 0 Height.4'10" - 4'11", Waist 29” Seat 33/34 33 - 34". Inside leg measures at Leg 26 ½” with a little less than 2” available to let down. 1941 saw the Suits Aircrew Clothing introduced for wear by aircrew only.

They have the flapped front pocket, two flapped back pockets and two slash side pockets. On the outside of the waistband are 5 large belt loops secured by dished brass buttons and two further brass buttons to connect to a blouse. Inside are 6 brass buttons for suspenders. The fly is closed by four identical brass buttons, the end of each leg with further brass buttons and a strap to aid tucking them into flying boots

A clear WD, “O” inspectors stamp is visible.