Reichsbahn Train Eagle

Reichsbahn Train Eagle

Code: 56184


From my own collection is this impressive Reichbahn Train Eagle of the type displayed on the passenger carriages.

Measuring 686mm (27”) from wingtip to wingtip, 352mm from the top of the eagle’s head to the base of the Swastika’s wreath. Overall condition is very good. There are one or two minor scuffs and the eagle’s head is bent very slightly forward, no doubt the result of prising it from the carriage or for gaining access to the upper bolt to cut it with a hacksaw blade, all four bolts still showing the saw marks.

Four holes have been drilled to allow the Eagle to be displayed, two at the base of the Swastika and one on each wing, the latter still with small, easily removeable brackets.   

The reverse is marked with the compound elements along the bottom of the right wing which read; HE (the maker Henschel) GAL-Mg-Si (Gal=Galvanized Aluminium, Mg=Magnesium, Si=Silicon) and in the centre of the eagle are the abbreviations LOK = Locomotive, RZA 4 = Reichszeugsamt 4 (State Supply Office 4) and BLN = Berlin.