Reissue Luftwaffe M40 Single Decal Helmet

Reissue Luftwaffe M40 Single Decal Helmet

Code: 56224

£1,200.00 Approx $1518.99, €1400.23, £1200

A particularly nice and completely unmolested example of a reissue Luftwaffe M40 Helmet.

A Q64 with an only partly discernible lot number, the helmet has been factory reissued, the area where the first eagle once sat obvious  by the slightly thicker paint beneath the blue grey paint finish. The shell is completely without damage, the factory reissue eagle still 90% intact.

Inside, the liner band is undisturbed and fits closely to the shell. The leather tongues are without loss, the leather itself soft with just slight wear along the brow. The drawstring is in place but untied.

Finally, the chinstrap is strong and with an aluminium buckle.