RFC Pilot's Cuff Rank Tunic and Published Flying Coat

RFC Pilot's Cuff Rank Tunic and Published Flying Coat

Code: 56482


Without doubt the finest Royal Flying Corps Officers Cuff Rank Tunic I have owned, greatly enhanced by its provenance to 2nd Lieutenant Frederick William Chester and accompanied by the published Sheepskin Jacket he wore when flying.

The Tunic itself is in near excellent condition, completely free from moth or other damage. Of particular note are a superb pair of RFC wings most probably made in France and beautifully hand stitched in place.

Tailored by Pope and Bradley in Bond Street the Tunic tailor’s label shows Chester’s name and the date, 23.1.18 which ties in nicely with the one year overseas chevon on the right sleeve.

All pleated pockets are closed by RFC buttons as is the four button front closure along with the shoulder straps. On the left sleeve is a single golden wound stripe, evidence of which is reflected in his service record, copies of which will be included in the sale.

The sheepskin jacket is shown in Mark Hillier’s excellent Royal Flying Corps Kit Bag work and is almost certainly made from a recycled pair of RFC “Fug” boots.

A superb combination and provenance combination that would prove difficult to upgrade.