S84/98 Bayonet with Matching Numbers and Kriegsmarine Frog

S84/98 Bayonet with Matching Numbers and Kriegsmarine Frog

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A very good example of a 1943 dated S84/98 Bayonet by Horster with a nicely marked Kriegsmarine Frog. Although they appear always to have been together, the Bayonet and Scabbard are not Kriegsmarine marked but are matched numbers.

The Bayonet itself is in very good condition and completely free from damage. The Pommel has just the slightest dusting of rust speckling which I believe would be simple to remove. The release button works perfectly and there are two straight wing eagle Wa519 stamps.

The flash guard is very good, and the grips are of the favoured red brown injection moulded grooved plastic or pressed Bakelite type, again completely free from damage.

The Blade is very good, free from damage and with virtually all of the original factory blueing intact. One side of the Ricasso is stamped asw43 (Horster 1943), the other with the serial number 4234. Along with the metal fittings the blade shows the tooling/ grinding marks typical of these later Bayonets as the final polishing stage was omitted to speed up production.

The Scabbard is free from dents or other damage but missing the throat screw and there is a light dusting of surface rust. The throat is marked 4234, the reverse asw43 both exactly matching the bade. The ball at the end is Wa stamped.

The Kriegsmarine Frog adds greatly to the Bayonet. Always difficult to find and consequently quite costly this example is in very good condition showing light service use only commensurate with that of the bayonet. It is free from damage with all stitching firm and in place and with a good clear Kriegsmarine eagle over M on the reverse. There is also a circular manufacture’s stamp, but this is no longer discernible.

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