Second Pattern Eickhorn Kriegsmarine Dagger With Hammered Scabbard

Second Pattern Eickhorn Kriegsmarine Dagger With Hammered Scabbard

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A very nice example of an untouched Eickhorn 2nd model Navy Dagger with the desirable “hammered” scabbard and complete with it’s hangers and waistbelt.

The pommel and cross guard are textbook Eickhorn types, and along with the brass based mounts have good gilding throughout.

The grip is an off-white celluloid over wood base. It is in very good condition and is tightly wrapped with twisted brass wire.

The release button the works perfectly, the original buffer pad in place beneath the cross guard. An excellent silver wire Portapee is in place and correctly tied around the grip and fittings.

The blade is in very good condition, free from damage and with the “over the shoulder” Eickhorn squirrel trademark prominent and dating the dagger to 1941 onwards. The fouled anchor etching is clear.  

This scabbard is a fine example having hammering to the surfaces. It remains nice and straight with just one small dent where it was perhaps caught in a door during wear.

Hangers are of the usual type with the upper spring clip on the longer strap detached, but present.

Finally, the waistbelt is in very good condition.

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