Silver Cigarette Case Presented By Hermann Goring in 1938

Silver Cigarette Case Presented By Hermann Goring in 1938

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A Silver Cigarette Case gifted by Hermann Goring to Herren Faud Azabagic during his visit to Berlin as part of the delegation of Prime Minister Milan Stojadinović of Yugoslavia.

Measuring approximately 110mm x 82mm the case is designed to appear like an envelope, the flap closing over a green Tourmaline stud. Lifting the flap and pressing a release catch at each side allows the Case to be opened.

Inside, the description is clear, Herrn Faud Azabagic followed by engraved facsimile signature of Hermann Goring , 15-18.1.1938.

The case is in very good condition with the elastic cigarette retaining strap intact.

In January 1938, Milan Stojadinović visited Germany to meet Adolf Hitler and assured him that he was a personal admirer of der Führer who wanted much closer German-Yugoslav ties. Hitler for his part, assured Stojadinović that as long as he continued his pro-German policies that not only would Germany never attack Yugoslavia, but would also not support Hungary's claims against Yugoslavia, which for Stojadinović validated his foreign policy. Stojadinović promised Hitler that Yugoslavia would accept any Anschluss with Austria as Yugoslavia regarded the question of annexing Austria as an "internal" German matter. Stojadinović stated that Yugoslavia had always enjoyed good relations with Germany except when it viewed the Reich through "somebody's else spectacles" (a reference to France), leading Hitler to say that Germany no longer viewed Yugoslavia "through Viennese spectacles"

The last two images can be found on the internet and show Goring (2nd from left) and the Yugoslav Prime Minister Milan Stojadinovic taking the salute of the guard of honour of the Air Force during the visit.

A superb piece of history