SS Tropenuniform, The Sahariana

SS Tropenuniform, The Sahariana

Code: 56249


Waffen-SS Tropical (Tropenuniform) Uniform, The Sahariana constructed in a tan-coloured cotton twill.

The Tunic has a collar that transitions into a shoulder yoke covering the majority of the shoulder and upper chest area with a stylized pleat held in place by two brown-painted aluminium buttons one on each breast flap, and by two areas of machine stitching at the rear and front.

The shoulders have tubular loops for the placement of the slip on shoulder straps both of which are in place and reflect the rank of an enlisted SS man in the artillery.

There are four pleated pockets, the left breast pocket with loops for two awards, the lower pockets flapped and closed with buttons which match the top pockets and four front closure buttons, all stamped on the reverse with “19 JFS 41” for maker Josef Feix & Söhne, Gablonz and all  held in place by the correct S clips. Each cuff is open with a two button adjustment.

The left upper arm bears an SS-style German national eagle clutching a wreathed mobile swastika, constructed of gold-coloured machine embroidery on a black rayon background above the black backed chevron of a Sturmmann.

Each armpit has five reinforced ventilation holes.

The interior of the Tunic is unlined and has two sets of dual cotton ribbons stitched into place at each side of the belt area for waist adjustment and with two dressings pockets.

There are the remains of stampings but only the number 43 is readily discernible.

Overall condition is very good with absolutely no sign of damage. A rare Tunic.