Stores Issued RAF Officer's Jacket Blue Grey

Stores Issued RAF Officer's Jacket Blue Grey

Code: 55860


More unusual to find than the tailor made RAF Officer’s Service Dress Tunics are examples of stores issued “Jackets, Blue Grey, RAF Officers” as we have here.

Made by Montague Burton in a small size 4 with a breast size of just 34” – 35” the stores label remains but the last all important digit is difficult to determine by virtue of the printing used. It is either 1945 or 46 but perhaps best to say 46 to avoid any future misunderstanding.

With the exception of two small, darned repairs beneath the pilots wings the Jacket is in very good condition. Buttons are by Gaunt but sadly someone has stitched the pilot’s wings through to the lining. Alongside the stores label is a dressings pocket.

Suitable for a smaller mannequin or torso, perhaps under an Irvin Jacket.