The Desert my Dwelling Place, Signed by the Author - LRDG

The Desert my Dwelling Place, Signed by the Author - LRDG

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A very good copy of the 1957 published “The Desert my Dwelling Place” by Lt.Col. David Lloyd Owen  with a 1983 signed dedication by him, “To my old friend Ron Penhall with best wishes, David Lloyd Owen”

Lt. Col Lloyd Owen took part in a number of operations, including the SAS raid on Tobruk in August/September 1942, which earned him the Military Cross. He was wounded in an air raid on the LRDG base at Kufra in October 1942 and nearly lost an arm. He rejoined the LRDG in February 1943, when they underwent training in Lebanon before being sent to the Aegean.

He took command of the LRDG at the end of 1943 after the death of his predecessor Jake Easonsmith during the Battle of Leros. He based himself at Bari in southern Italy from which he mounted a successful raid on Corfu and staged operations in the Dalmatian islands and Yugoslavia. In September 1944, he was parachuted into Albania at night. Shortly after landing he fell 30 ft into a ravine and severely damaged his spine.

Despite being in continual pain, Lloyd Owen directed special forces operations in the mountains for the next three months. Eventually he was evacuated to Italy, was successfully operated on, and told not to return to his former activities. He managed to bluff his way past a medical board and returned to Albania, although this time by boat.

This is the story of Y2 patrol of the LRDG, told by its leader, Captain (now Colonel) Lloyd Owen, who joined the group in 1941, soon after its inception. Graphically he tells of the lightening-fast attacks, the nerve-wracking and often tedious intelligence work. He had a lively collection of men, too, and these he brings to life likeable, sardonic, capable and always utterly dependable, but it is also the fascinating story of an officer learning a new kind of war, a man learning a new job of work. Lloyd Owen knew little of the desert and its ways when he volunteered, and his story traces, incidentally, the widening of his knowledge, experience, and, as a result, his confidence and determination. 271 pages with numerous black and white images.