U Boat Combat Clasp in Bronze

U Boat Combat Clasp in Bronze

Code: 56576


An example of the U Boat Combat Clasp in Bronze ( U-Boots-Frontspange in Bronze) showing just the right amount of service use but missing its pin and hook  but with the detached hook present. These defects are I believe compensated for in the asking price.

The award was instituted on 15 May 1944 to bring the U-boat force in line with other branches of the German armed forces, all of which had a similar award to recognize valour. There were no specified merits for earning the award, the decoration was based on the recommendations of the U-boat commander and subject to approval by Karl Dönitz. Awards were often due to the number of patrols completed or demonstrations of valour in combat. The clasp was worn on the upper left breast.

Constructed in die struck zinc base with a bronzed washed and lacquer coated, the obverse depicts a U-Boat surrounded by a laurel leaf wreath tied together at the bottom with two crossed broad swords  below a Kriegsmarine eagle (with outstretched wings clutching a swastika in its talons). To either side of the eagle/wreath is a six piece oak leaf and two piece acorn cluster. The full back reverse is marked: “Entwurf Peekhaus” (designer) and “Ausf. Schwerin Berlin 68” (maker mark).

Despite the obvious defects this piece displays nicely.