Unblancoed 1908 Pattern Webbing Bayonet Frog & Entrenching Tool Helve

Unblancoed 1908 Pattern Webbing Bayonet Frog & Entrenching Tool Helve

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A very rare example of the 1908 Pattern Webbing Bayonet Frog and Entrenching Tool Helve Carrier set, this in unblancoed service used condition and 1915 Dated.

The 1908 Pattern Webbing Helve Carrier is well known amongst collectors as being the most difficult part of the equipment to source, with good unblancoed Bayonet Frogs which still retain their Helve Carrier attachment tabs to the rear, quite difficult to find in their own right, attachment tabs  having been more often than not have removed post war when entrenching tools were no longer carried as part of 1908 equipment.

These two elements were found together in Australia and from the matching wear to each piece they appear to have always been a unit.

The Helve Carrier is complete and undamaged with the press stud functioning correctly. It is unmarked, which is very often the case, however there is a faint grey smudge to the rear central strip which may be the remains of an ink stamp.

The Bayonet Frog is again in very pleasing condition with only a slight amount of fraying to the webbing at the rear. It is very clearly dated 1915 and as such it is of the early war type with strengthening rivets, later war examples having the strengthening rivets omitted as an economy measure.

A very difficult set to find.