Unmarked Luftwaffe Flak Badge in Zinc

Unmarked Luftwaffe Flak Badge in Zinc

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A particularly nice example of the Luftwaffe Flak Badge in Zinc with the desirable ball hinge. Although unmarked the Badge is often attributed by its characteristics to the maker Adolf Scholze.

The elongated eagle’s head is unlike any other manufacturer and thus makes this one of the few badges identifiable by maker in photographs. The reverse is lightly scooped, with the characteristic Adolf Scholze ball-hinge as found on other marked badges, such as the minesweeper. There is also a characteristic trapezoidal punch-hole between the wreath, gun base, and breech.

Overall condition is very good with the ball hinge fully rotating, and the owner’s name scratched into the reverse although barely visible.

This is one of the nicest Zinc examples I have seen. Although the silvered finish has largely gone from the obverse all the detail remains without wear.

Completely free from damage apart from a slight bend to the pin