US Army Air Force A2 Jacket Size 44 - CBI

US Army Air Force A2 Jacket Size 44 - CBI

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A truly Iconic US Army Air Force A2 Jacket in a large size 44 and sporting an original hand painted shoulder shield of the China-Burma-India Theatre.

Made from horsehide by the Aero Leather Company of Beacon New York, their jackets considered amongst the best produced. On the left breast is the original name tag of A.P Forsyth, below which remain the circular stitch marks of where a unit patch once sat. Similarly, the stitch holes remain on the back, no doubt once holding a Blood Chit. At the extremity of each shoulder strap is a leather patch which would once have had printed ranks bars.

The zip is the original Talon and is in perfect working condition. The press fasteners to the pocket flaps and collar are all in place as is the hook and eye arrangement at the neck.

Both knitted cuffs have age damage, but the waistband has faired much better. Inside there is some separation to the cotton lining at the neck but the maker’s label and hanger are present.

The leather is in very good condition, without any visible damage and remaining soft. My only comment would be that the jacket has been a little “over loved” with the application of hide food which, while doing its job has left it feeling a little damp. This will resolve itself in time.

Approximate measurements:

Shoulder to Shoulder. 19”/49cms

Armpit to Armpit 21”/52cms

Shoulder to cuff 25”/64cms

Zip length 23”/59cms.

Overall, a very nice original Jacket in a very good large size.

 During World War II, the China-Burma-India (CBI) theatre was an important area of activity for the United States military. The theatre encompassed a large region of Asia, including parts of China, Burma (now Myanmar), and India, and was strategically important for several reasons.

One of the primary objectives of the US in the CBI theatre was to support the Chinese resistance against the Japanese. The US military provided significant material assistance to the Chinese Nationalist Army, including aircraft, supplies, and training. The US also worked with Chinese guerrilla fighters, known as the "Flying Tigers," who were instrumental in halting the Japanese advance in China. The US Army Air Force operated numerous types of aircraft including the B24, C-47, P-40, P-51 and B29.

In Burma, the US supported British and Indian forces in their fight against the Japanese. The US provided troops, supplies, and air support to the British-led Burma campaign, which was aimed at regaining control of Burma and reopening the Burma Road, a vital supply route into China.

In addition to supporting allied forces in the region, the US also engaged in strategic bombing missions against Japanese targets in the CBI theatre. The US Army Air Forces conducted bombing raids against Japanese airfields, supply lines, and other military targets, often flying from bases in India and China.

Overall, the US played an important role in the CBI theatre during World War II, providing critical support to allied forces and helping to turn the tide of the war in the region.