US WW1 M17 Helmet

US WW1 M17 Helmet

Code: 56104


An exceptionally nice example of a U.S. M17 Helmet which of course was based closely on the British Mk 1 Brodie Helmet.

Prior to the start of manufacture of these Helmets, the U.S.  entered WW1 with 400,000 British made Helmets after evaluating several foreign designs, a large contributory factor in their choice being the immediately availability of supplies.

The manganese alloy shell retains the original factory granulated Khaki finish without damage and with light surface marks only.

The lining consists of A cotton twine mesh surrounded by a circular piece of leather that holds tubular pieces of rubber, the mesh covered by a piece of black oil cloth which is soft and free from damage and retains the Brodie patent stamp on the underside.

The adjustable leather chin strap is riveted to the steel bowl and consisted of two halves, each joined together by metal loops which are secured to the ends of the leather halves by steel split rivets. The chinstrap remains soft and free from damage.

It would be difficult to upgrade this outstanding example.