Victorian General’s 1831 Pattern Marmeluke Sword.

Victorian General’s 1831 Pattern Marmeluke Sword.

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A good 1831 Pattern Victorian General’s Mameluke Sword in its original brass field scabbard.

The Mameluke Sword has its origins in the scimitar-like swords carried by the Mamluk warriors, the ruling military caste of Ottoman Egypt until 1811. The Duke of Wellington was a famous early proponent of the design during the Napoleonic Wars, after which his status as a national hero meant the distinctive pattern was adopted as the sword for all British General Officers in 1831; the design being also incorporated in their badges of rank from that time on.

The Sword originally came with a black leather and gilt brass mounted scabbard for dress wear, and a plain brass version for the field as here.  In 1898, the scabbard was changed from brass to plated steel dating this Sword to the Victorian era. British Generals carried the Marmeluke Sword in the field up until the Boer War.The sword is complete and in good service used condition overall. The single edge un-fullered blade is 32 inches long, with its classic pronounced curve and clip point undamaged. The blade has some etched decoration for approximately half of its length though this is now very faint.

The floriated gilt crossguard has the crossed sword and baton of General's rank in a wreath inset at its centre. The attractive grip is bone with gilt brass inset rosettes. At its curved end the grip bares and untouched sword knot which appears to be an improvised field piece

The heavy duty gilt brass scabbard is in good condition with just light service wear and a surface crack on one side of the throat. Its two hanging rings moving freely. The sword draws and sheathes smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

A nice example of an early General's Sword

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