WW1 Bavarian Pickelhaube Helmet - Reserve Infantry

WW1 Bavarian Pickelhaube Helmet - Reserve Infantry

Code: 56076


A nice “enlisted man’s" WW1 Bavarian Pickelhaube Helmet for Reserve Infantry in good condition.

Constructed in the standard pre/early war black leather the Pickelhaube has matching brass fittings throughout. To the front it has a brass Bavarian Helmet Plate or “Wappen” with the cross of Reserve Troops overlaid in nickel. The Helmet Plate has always been in situ with no extra holes for another Plate added to the body of the Helmet.

All the fittings to Helmet are complete aside from the chin strap and cockades. In my opinion these are very good museum quality copy replacements. It must be said however I am not 100% sure of this and they may be original.

The metal fittings to the chinstrap appear original however on one side both the buckle and “keyhole” fitting are brass, whereas on the other side these are nickel. The leather of the chinstrap is in my view a replacement.

To be safe I have priced this Pickelhaube as if both cockades and chinstrap are replacements.

The liner to the Helmet is original and has always been in situ.

A good example of one of the scarcer WW1 Pickelhaubes.