WW1 British Army Gas Respirator Bag

WW1 British Army Gas Respirator Bag

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Not dissimilar to the British WW11 Gas mask bag this is an example of the WW1 carrier bag for the small box respirator which was the initial compact version of the later gas mask.

In late 1916, the respirator was introduced by the British with the purpose to provide reliable protection against chlorine and phosgene gas. The respirator offered a first line of defence against the gas.

This listing is for the bag only. Overall condition is fair to good with two patched repairs, one to the main body, the other to the flap and an area of wear to the bottom left-hand corner and a small hole at the back.

The neck strap is reduced to perhaps half its width through wear near its join to the pack on the left side.

Despite its shortcomings, the bag will display well.